"Securing Life and Liberty By Demystifying Fear and Violence"



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The mind is the first weapon of battle. Traditional approaches to combat are mired in rehearsed and robotic movements of muscle and flesh. Yet the cultivation of an unyielding mindset is the indispensable preliminary to prevailing in a violent encounter.
Mastering the psychological dimension of combat is critical. But the ultimate goal is the integration of thought and action, tethering mind and body to a single purpose and into a single weapon: the human weapon. We share core principles gleaned from committed study, progressive reflection and street-tested experience.
Ares Tactical has developed a unique and integrated approach to navigating the dynamics of real world violence expressed in a broad array of seminars tackling subjects from aggressive intruders, workplace violence, and rapid mass murder events to finding your inner warrior, street operational self-defense, tactical mindset, mental imaging techniques and decision-making through case law. Our classes cut to the essentials: no belts, no displays, no competitions—just simple, principle based strategies designed to be absorbed quickly and applied effectively.


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