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Street Smart Self-Defense

Street Smart Self-Defense is a “cut to the chase” seminar that provides the essentials for navigating potential dangers with a sense of confidence and good sense. The seminar was designed by current and retired Defensive Tactics Instructors from the NYPD, who believe that protecting oneself should not belong to a secretive monopoly of...

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Navigating encounters that carry the potential for volatility and violence requires a network of mutually supporting skills: sensitivity to behavioral cues—verbal and non-verbal alike; situational acuity; flexible decision-making; contextual awareness of environmental variables such as time, space, barriers and angles; conveying professionalism and competence by way of language, tone and posture...

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To achieve goals within an organization, to articulate a common sense of purpose and to steer personnel towards a shared mission require solid leadership. But what is a leader? Leadership is more than mere management, more than mere orders and rules. The leader inspires, draws out the potential in subordinates and fosters organizational unity...

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Active Shooters: How to Prepare

Littleton, Colorado. Blacksburg, Virginia. Paducah, Kentucky. Bethel, Alaska. Red Lions, Pennsylvania. San Ysidro, California. The tragic history of the phenomenon of workplace violence is clear: it can happen anywhere. Don’t be caught unaware and unprepared. Understanding and planning make the difference between prevailing and succumbing...

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NYS DCJS Basic Course for Peace Officers and Annual Recertification Class

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Basic Course for Peace Officers, derived from the Municipal Police Training Council’s Basic Course for Police Officers, is the basic training program for all non-custodial peace officers prescribed by NYS Criminal Procedure Law §2.30. Topics taught during the course include (but are not limited to)...

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Instinctual to Tactical Conversion: Self Defense Under Stress

The current state of defensive tactics is burdened with techniques centered in fine and complex motor skill the application of which assumes cognitive balance under ideal conditions. While impressively fancy, such techniques wither and vanish under the stress of real world violence. But the body is an effective weapon, built to defend itself...

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Also, Danny is the author of the book:
“The Warrior's Manifesto: Ideals for Those Who Protect and Defend.”
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