The Art and Practice of Mental Imaging

Physical and scenario-based training offer crucial opportunities to enhance performance, identify weaknesses and broaden experience. But such training requires sufficient time, appropriate facilities, necessary equipment and experienced staff. In short, training is costly—logistically and financially. The frequency with which it can be administered is necessarily limited by these factors. The mind has no such limits. You can train and practice mentally as frequently as your will allows—at no cost. Mental imaging is not a substitute for reality-based training. But as a proven method of improving performance, it is and should support that training. This seminar develops the basic tools required to practice effective mental rehearsal with broad application to stress management across a range of possible predicaments.

Bullying: an Antidote

Bullying is a creeping pathology in modern society with daunting consequences for its victims ranging from withering self-esteem to suicide. This seminar develops the psychological wherewithal and practical strategies essential to answer the phenomenon of bullying, wherever it appears, with confidence, balance and assertiveness.

Workplace Violence

Littleton, Colorado. Blacksburg, Virginia. Paducah, Kentucky. Bethel, Alaska. Red Lions, Pennsylvania. San Ysidro, California. The tragic history of the phenomenon of workplace violence is clear: it can happen anywhere. Don’t be caught unaware and unprepared. Understanding and planning make the difference between prevailing and succumbing. This seminar aims to cut through the myths and misrepresentations clouding the realities of the phenomenon of workplace violence and the so-called “Active Shooter,” impeding sensible planning, management and response. Solutions are possible but only by forging new perspectives. The true “first responders” to these incidents—teachers, staff, hall monitors, office workers must not and should not believe that their only “strategy” is to wait and pray for law enforcement to arrive in time as their lives hang in the balance. The data shows clearly that when the moment calls for it and avoidance is no option, decisive action even by the unarmed has proven effective. The mental tools and practical applications developed in this seminar invest participants with the wherewithal needed when action is the only choice.

Instinctual to Tactical Conversion: Self Defense Under Stress

The current state of defensive tactics is burdened with techniques centered in fine and complex motor skill the application of which assumes cognitive balance under ideal conditions. While impressively fancy, such techniques wither and vanish under the stress of real world violence. But the body is an effective weapon, built to defend itself. Instinctual defensive responses have a provably adaptive value. Those concerned with defending themselves—and all of us should be concerned with defending ourselves—ought to integrate those responses into our arsenal of strategies for navigating the unpredictable dynamics of the street. This hands-on course explores the critical concept of “instinctual to tactical” conversion, incorporating the power of instinctual response as a vehicle to the practice of self-defense.

Use of Force: Case Law and the Mechanics of Rapid Decision Making

Mastering the basic legal principles governing use of force is a critical preliminary step in streamlining the decision-making process in the field. Fear of legal repercussions breeds hesitation. In the field, hesitation can be lethal. Solid understanding of when, how and to what extent force has been and can be employed and the legal reasoning that grounds it both empowers, in the proper sense, and limits, in the proper sense; this legal reasoning through case histories thus defines, in practice, a sphere of action—action which answers the rapidly-evolving dynamics inherent to law enforcement and security work.

Finding Your Inner Warrior

Your body is an adapted weapon forged through the fiery dynamics of evolution to defend itself. Employing that weapon effectively is more a matter of mindset than technique. Protecting yourself is not the secretive monopoly of an elite conferring colored belts on one another; it is an obligation open and possible to all. Preparation, focus and confidence evoke the warrior within each of us. This course helps you discover and develop these things.

All classes are conducted on demand, and are scheduled at a time and location determined by our clients (unless otherwise noted).