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“Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town employs over forty NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services certified Peace Officers. In our last three Peace Officer Academy Training classes, I have had the privilege of using ARES Tactics as our defensive tactics and emergency manage-ment trainers. The experience and professionalism of the ARES group cannot be surpassed. ARES trainers engaged each of the cadets in critical thinking scenarios that empowered their confidence and professionalism. I would highly recommend the ARES group for any of your tactical or emergency management solution needs.”

William F. McClellan
Chief of Public Safety
Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town


I’m a parent of a female child going off to college for the
first time. We live in a lovely small town. I realized she was
completely unaware of and ill-prepared for the outside world.

I had a conversation with a retired policeman.  During multiple discussions he offered to speak with my daughter
and her group classmates. We felt hearing the facts from
someone other than their parents would have a greater
impact on them.

The team at ARES Tactics had a plan to help them understand
the critical importance of listening to their instincts and how to be much more aware of their surroundings. They encouraged changes in typical behaviors, like burying their faces in their cell phone.

The training also included physical measures to fight off
DEFEND THEMSELVES. The experience was an eye-opener.

I highly recommend this course, I feel it was the absolute
most important step in the preparations we took before
sending her out into the world.

Please put in on your college-bound check list.

Margaret DiCarlo
Parent of a college-bound daughter



“We have developed an important professional relationship with ARES Tactics over the course of the last several years. Their trainers have conducted seminars ranging over subjects from the Active Shooter phenomenon to street operational defensive tactics for the security personnel of CCNY. Our officers invariably leave these seminars better prepared, more knowledgeable and more confident. Russell and Danny are in every way subject matter experts and, just as importantly, they take pride in how material is presented. They have an extraordinary capacity to connect with an audience. This facilitates the learning process in a powerful way.

The trainers of ARES have a unique and leading edge approach to developing an effective mindset for security and work and their knowledge of how to shape practical strategies that work under the stress of real world interactions is invaluable.

We hope to continue to work with them in the future and recommend them to any organization looking to prepare for the kind of high stakes, perilous situations that are part and parcel of law enforcement and security work.”

Pat Morena
Executive Director of Public Safety
City College of New York


“I want to express my sincere thanks for all that you and your presentation team did for Cardinal Spellman High School. We are truly blessed to have received the training and insights provided by ARES Tactics.
Here are some comments on the presentation:

  • A comprehensive overview on dealing with the threat of an active killer in our school.
  • The presenters were experienced and knowledgeable in the field. They were able to handle an intense subject matter in a way that brought a clearer understanding of practical procedures to our teachers.
  • The team from ARES "demystified" the active killer.
  • A valuable workshop for any school that wishes to be prepared for a worst case scenario.
  • An extremely helpful workshop on preparing our faculty and staff for emergencies.”

Daniel O’Keefe
Cardinal Spellman High School

Trusted By:

  • Aquinas HS
  • Cardinal Spellman HS
  • CCNY
  • Co-op City
  • NJ Veterans Association
  • NYC Dept of Investigations
  • NYC Fore
  • Mt. St. Ursula HS
  • Pace University
  • Public Safety Depts.
  • Rockland County Police Academy
  • Roosevelt Island
  • Starret City
  • Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village
  • Valley Central School District
  • Washingtonville School District
  • Westchester County Police Academy

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