If your company has offices, workplace violence has to be of concern. Ares Tactics can address those concerns in the way that a “good corporate citizen” would prepare a safe environment for its people. Littleton, Colorado. Blacksburg, Virginia. Paducah, Kentucky. Bethel, Alaska. Red Lions, Pennsylvania. San Ysidro, California. The lesson is clear: It can happen anywhere.

Meanwhile, there are critical factors in day-to-day operations that govern the way an organization functions and stays on course. Our perspective on these disciplines can bring insights into the kind of communication skills that help keep your workplace running smoothly and efficiently.

Here are the areas where ARES Tactics can help your organization:

Leadership Class:

  • Articulating a vision
  • Inspiring subordinates
  • Mediating tensions between those above and below you
  • Valuing leadership where you find it (hierarchy is beside the point)


Workplace Violence/Active Shooter Class:

  • Defining the nature of the problem
  • Myths vs. realities
  • Essential case histories
  • Traditional responses and their failures
  • Praying that “someone” will save you when violence threatens is not an effective strategy
  • Simple, practical strategies for prevailing

Professional Communication Class:

  • Ingredients of professionalism
  • Respect vs. like
  • The “dogs” don’t fight with puppies principle
  • Achieving balance vs. being right
  • Titles, honorifics and names
  • Reflecting what you've heard


All classes are conducted on demand, and are scheduled at a time and location determined by our clients (unless otherwise noted).