Law Enforcement

ARES Tactics trains first responders to be the most highly trained individuals to arrive “on the scene” with techniques to manage everyday challenges including to diffuse potentially violent confrontations.

Leadership Classes:

  • Articulating a vision
  • Inspiring subordinates
  • Mediating tensions between those above and below you
  • Valuing leadership where you find it (leadership has no rank)

Professional Communication Class:

  • Ingredients of professionalism
  • Respect vs. like
  • The "dogs" don't fight with puppies principle
  • Achieving balance vs. being right
  • Titles, honorifics and names
  • Reflecting what you've heard

Firearms Instruction:

  • Instructors Certified by NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services
  • Mastering Basics: Sites, Grip, Trigger Control, Breathing and Stance
  • Understanding the operation of the weapon, disassembly, cleaning and reassembly
  • Drill and practice
  • Instinctual shooting

Defensive Tactics Instruction:

  • Instructors certified by NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services
  • The centrality of mindset
  • Action vs. Reaction
  • Planning vs. Praying
  • Recognizing the power of intuition and instinct
  • Effectiveness vs. “Coolness” (cool “moves” don’t win fights)


  • Knowing the rules of engagement—case law is part of tactics
  • Striking and counterstriking
  • Ground defense
  • Team tactics and control—working with and not against each other
  • Handcuffing—tactical and practical
  • Impact weapons—when they make sense ` and when they don’t
  • Defense against knife attacks
  • Defense against blunt instrument attacks

Workplace Violence Class:

  • Defining the nature of the problem
  • Myths vs. realities
  • Essential case histories
  • Traditional responses and their failures
  • Praying that "someone" will save you when violence threatens is not an effective strategy.
  • Simple, practical strategies for prevailing

Self-Defense Under Stress Class:

  • What are Tactics?
  • The psychophysiology of stress
  • Action and reaction
  • Decision loops
  • Rules of engagement—legal and tactical
  • Respecting instinctual defensive responses
  • Pivoting from instinctual responses to tactical ones


We're the police
who train the police.

All classes are conducted on demand, and are scheduled at a time and
location determined by our clients (unless otherwise noted).