Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech. All locations that came to be synonymous with mass-casualty shooting incidents leaving us to wonder “Who’s next?” Our mission: Help you prepare.

Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Class:

  • Defining the nature of the problem
  • Rationalizing rather than addressing warning signs
  • How to address warning signs
  • Myths vs. realities
  • Essential case histories
  • Traditional responses and their failures
  • Praying that “someone” will save you when violence threatens is not an effective strategy
  • Simple, practical strategies for prevailing

Bullying Class:

  • What do bullies want? What do they NOT want?
  • Bullying is primarily psychological in nature—the violence serves the psychology
  • Preparing mentally is essential
  • Strategies: Avoidance or Confrontation?When?
  • Kinds of confrontation
  • Navigating fear
  • Action and reaction
  • Simple, intuitive defensive skills of Criminal Justice Services

“We have developed an important professional relationship with ARES Tactics over the course of the last several years. Their trainers have conducted seminars ranging over subjects from the Active Shooter phenomenon to street operational defensive tactics for the security personnel of CCNY. Our officers invariably leave these seminars better prepared, more knowledgeable and more confident. Russell and Danny are in every way subject matter experts and, just as importantly, they take pride in how material is presented. They have an extraordinary capacity to connect with an audience. This facilitates the learning process in a powerful way.

The trainers of ARES have a unique and leading edge approach to developing an effective mindset for security and work and their knowledge of how to shape practical strategies that work under the stress of real world interactions is invaluable.

We hope to continue to work with them in the future and recommend them to any organization looking to prepare for the kind of high stakes, perilous situations that are part and parcel of law enforcement and security work.”

Pat Morena
Executive Director of Public Safety
City College of New York

All classes are conducted on demand, and are scheduled at a time and location determined by our clients (unless otherwise noted).