Tenant Organizations

How safe are you at home? A disturbing thought, especially after the rash of forced entries, home and apartment invasions and violence “in our backyard.” A large part of defending your home is becoming street-smart. Situationally aware. Making your safety and the safety of your family part of a pre-planned strategy.

Street Smart Self-Defense Class:

  • The primacy of mindset
  • What are bad guys looking for? What do they want? What do they NOT want?
  • Developing Situational Awareness
  • The gift of fear and intuition
  • How to project strength
  • Avoidance vs. Confrontation vs. Victimization
  • Instinctual defensive responses and their value
  • Attacking the attacker—and then getting to safety

Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Events Class:

  • Defining the nature of the problem
  • Myths vs. realities
  • Essential case histories
  • Traditional responses and their failures
  • Praying that “someone” will save you when violence threatens is not an effective strategy
  • Simple, practical strategies for prevailing

All classes are conducted on demand, and are scheduled at a time and location determined by our clients (unless otherwise noted).